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Downtown Cleveland Restaurant Week 2014


I have been MIA for the past year and a half and I really don’t have a good excuse.  But, I am happy to be returning to the blogging world and what better way to come back during Cleveland Restaurant week!

Restaurant week is a great opportunity to experience what Cleveland’s booming culinary scene has to offer.  During restaurant week restaurants are offering $30 three-course  dinner menus with some restaurants offering $15 lunch options.

There is still time to join the fun! Restaurant week ends Sunday, March 2, 2014.  Click here to check out the participating restaurants and menu selection! (I recommend you make a reservation)

Jordan and I went to Lola Bistro, located on East 4th Street in downtown Cleveland.  Lola is owned by the famous iron chef and The Chew cast member, Michael Symon.

Jordan and I arrived a few minutes early and waited over at the bar to grab a drink.  One thing that is very different than most restaurants is that you order your drink with an iPad!  Jordan and I found this helpful so that you’re not yelling over someone who is seated at the bar.

2014-02-22 19.59.15

2014-02-22 20.02.22-2

Wine case behind the bar.


We were seated on time in a comfortable spot in the restaurant.  We both started out with the mixed greens salad.  For our entrees Jordan tried the Beef Hanger Steak (that came with Lola Fries).  I tried the Scallops (with leek, sweet potato, mustard, and lemon).  Jordan and I were both very impressed with our selections!

2014-02-22 21.09.27


For dessert Jordan had the Key Lime Tart and I had the Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding with Salted Carmel Ice Cream (YUM!!).

Jordan and I were very pleased with our restaurant choice for restaurant week.  We always try to participate every year and the past few times Jordan and I walked away disappointed.  Lola is definitely a place we will come back to!

Molly Jean


Don’s Pomeroy House


This past Friday I had the day off from work and had scheduled a lunch date with my Grandpa!  We spoke Thursday night and I was absolutely thrilled when he told me he wanted to take me to Don’s Pomeroy House!!

My Grandpa and I have been talking about going there over the past year.  He has been many times, but I have not.  The original house still stands where the fine dining room is located.  There is also a newer dining room added on as well as a pub in the basement, and an elegant patio.  Many believe there restaurant is still haunted, and there have been ghost citing within the past couple of years!  Click HERE to read more about the history

Grandpa and I ate in the Pub located on the basement level.  The lighting is very dim and is a much more casual dining area of the restaurant where you are able to feel comfortable in a nice pair of jeans.  You are able to order off both The Pub menu and the dining menu.


My Grandpa insisted that I order a cup of Don’s Seafood Chowder.  It is a tomato based broth, unlike the traditional creamy white based clam chowder!  The soup was hearty and delicious, even perfect to eat on a hot summer day.

For my entrée I ordered the salmon salad special-  Grilled salmon on top of mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, onion, and goat cheese in a strawberry balsamic dressing.  The salad was very seasonable and refreshing.  The salmon was perfectly cooked to medium and the dressing was light, adding a touch of sweetness to the salad.

After we finished our meal my Grandpa took me on a tour of the restaurant.  The restaurant is beautiful and has such character.  We walked around on them main level where the dining room and fine dining area are located.  On the top level there are 2 rooms for private parties.  One room seats about 20 people and the other seats 2-6 people.  Outside in the back of the restaurant is where the secluded patio is, hidden by trees that provide much shade so that you don’t have to worry about the sun while enjoying a fabulous meal.


I am so happy to have finally shared my first dining experience at Don’s Pomeroy House with my Grandpa!

Me and Grandpa

Molly Jean

Chinato & Mom’s Graduation


Friday night my mom walked at her graduation ceremony for her MBA that she finished up in December at Ursuline College! So proud of her! I could not imagine working a 60 hour week, on top of going to class and completing assignments, while worrying about a son that is thousands of miles away.  She is super mom!

Mom walking across the stage!

Dad, Mom, & Me

After dinner we drove into downtown to meet Jordan for dinner at Chinato, located on East 4th, my favorite street downtown!  It is filled with many fabulous restaurants, lights hanging, and packed with people on the weekends.  I have been to Chinato once before for Jordan’s birthday back in November.

Chinato is a Zack Bruell restaurant.  Maybe this doesn’t mean anything to you, but Zack Bruell has a few other restaurants in Cleveland as well as  the only 5-star restaurant- Table 45, located in the Intercontinental Hotel, which is connected to the Cleveland Clinic.

Chinato is an Italian restaurant decorated with a wall mural of Florence where you are able to point out the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio.

The first time I dined there I ordered a house salad special and the small plate of the gnocchi with tomato basil, toasted garlic, butter, and parmesan.  It was absolutely delicious.  The gnocchi melted in my mouth.  The small plate was perfect size for me!

I ordered a small plate of pasta again, this time.  Friday I ordered the Ravioli with pork, veal, zucchini and shitake mushrooms, with melted butter and parmesan.  Another delicious menu item!

My dad said that my pasta looked like enough to feed a mouse, but I was content.  Mom and I had split a salad prior to our entrees as well- AND I wanted to save room for dessert.

For dessert, the 4 of us shared the Tiramisu and Chocolate Hazelnut Mouse cake.

The desserts were good, especially the Chocolate cake, but the Tiramisu was a bit of a disappointment.  There was a flavor to it, almost like allspice and pecans, that threw me off.  I love the espresso taste of typical Tiramisu, and this one did not taste like it at all.

Once again, Chinato has proven it is a wonderful place to dine and celebrate at!  Check out the rest of the menu HERE.


The rest of the weekend consisted of a Tribe game win and Jordan cooking for me!

Jordan cooked me dinner 🙂

Molly Jean

XO Prime Steaks


So the time has come.  I finally received my first pay check and It was my turn to finally treat Jordan to a nice juicy and delicious steak.  We had planned this day a while ago, restaurant chosen and all.  So finally on Saturday we made our way over to XO Prime Steaks for a fantastic dinner.  Neither of us had been so we were both equally excited, Jordan more so, since he was getting his steak paid for! haha.

We arrived a little before our reservation so we grabbed a drink at the bar.  I had a glass of Ironstone, Cabernet Sauvignon while Jordan had an Elliot Ness.

When we were finally seated, Jordan had informed me that we were sitting by Cleveland Cavalier’s player Manny Harris and his friends and family! How cool is that??

We started out with an appetizer- Fried Calamari with cherry peppers, tossed in lemon garlic.  (sorry I did not get a picture of it!)  The breading of the calamari was light, crispy, and delicious.  Not greasy at all!

For Jordan’s main entree, he ordered the 16 oz Delmonico steak topped with Lobster Oscar.  I ordered an 8 oz center cut filet topped with roasted garlic and herbed butter, which the waiter had recommended.  I at first asked for the red wine reduction and the waiter informed me that it was not one of his favorites and it is the only thing he does not recommend to his customers.  I took his word for it and went with his suggestion of topping for the filet, the roasted garlic and herbed butter.

The menu is a la carte, so Jordan and I ordered garlic mashed potatoes and green beans to share.   This is the best picture I could get!!

We ended the meal with the Warmed Molten Chocolate Cake, Amerena Cherries, and Kirsch Whipped Cream.

This is the best steak I have ever had, and Jordan agrees as well.  My steak was cooked perfectly (Medium).  The roasted garlic and herbed butter added a wonderful flavor to the steak.  It was not too strong.  As you can see by the photo, there is a large slice of butter placed on top of the steak to allow it to melt, I took off a majority of the butter so that the flavor did not take over the flavor of the steak. The green beans were crisp, and the potatoes were creamy and full of flavor as well.  And let’s not forget the chocolate cake- SO GOOD.  The molten chocolate poured out of the center as we cut into the cake for our first bite.  A perfect ending to a wonderful meal with the man that I love.

So, if you are looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, graduation, engagement, or just feel like having an extra nice night out, you have got to try XO Prime Steaks!!

Molly Jean

Tremont Tap House


Tremont Tap House is located right in southside of Cleveland’s the historic district of Tremont.  It is known to be Cleveland’s first Gastropub, which is described as a casual bar with an assortment of handcrafted beers that offers an upscale cuisine.  Read more about how this establishment started and what it has to offer on their homepage!

It was a beautiful, sunny, and 70 degree Saturday in Cleveland and we were lucky enough to grab a seat on the patio!  Tremont Taphouse has an extensive list of beers on tap, it was hard to choose which one I wanted to try!  Jordan was having trouble as well, so we decided to go with a sampler- try 4 different beers for $10!

For an appetizer we decided to go with what seems to have become our go to app- Mussels!  The mussels came in a belgian beer broth with shallots, garlic, blue cheese, and fries.

For my entree I had the Roasted Lamb Tartine sandwich, served with a side of fries.  It is an open faced sandwich served on a thick slice of toasted pumpernickel, thin layer of aioli, thinly sliced lamb, watercress, and pickled onions.

Great service, great atmosphere, and great food! I also noticed that Tremont Tap House serves Sunday brunch! Looks like I have no reason not to come back!

Molly Jean

Danny Boys- Rocky River


Saturday night was date night with my guy.  We decided to try another restaurant to check off my list!  We went to Danny Boys in Rocky River.  I have heard from multiple people that it is some of the best pizza here in Cleveland.

Danny Boys does not take reservations.  There was about a 30-minute wait when we walked in around 7:30.  There were about 5 high top tables with checkers boards located in the waiting section of the restaurant.  Luckily there was a table open for Jordan and I to play at.  This made the waiting time go by very quickly!  We had just started a second game when we were called to be seated.  I think total wait time ended up being 20 minutes.

We each ordered a Moretti, a side salad, and split a large Clevelander pie.  When we were waiting for our food we noticed that there is a deck of cards placed at each table!  So we played a game of war- I won!  Our salads came out quickly.  The salad came with two large fresh, light, and doughy garlic rolls that were to die for.  I could have had the salad and rolls for my meal!  But I saved room for the pizza and let Jordan keep the extra roll for leftovers for the week.

Finally the pizza came!! The Clevelander pie has a “New York-style” crust and is topped “Chicago” style with toppings of cheese, pepperoni, garlic, basil, and topped with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese.

I loved this pizza.  Sauce is my favorite part of pizza and on this pizza it the main focus.  Absolutely perfect!

After dinner we were able to catch a beautiful sunset along lake Erie before meeting up for drinks with our friends Jon and Erin.

The rest of the night was filled with relaxing and catching up with Jon and Erin on Tommy’s back porch- which had excellent heat lamps!! There was also a live band performing.  It was a perfect spot to catch up with friends over a couple drinks.

Molly Jean

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop


Yes, I am a dietitian, and yes, I LOVE dessert.  What would life be without a little something sweet everyday??

After a celebratory dinner for my new job with my parent’s on Friday, they took me over to Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop.  This 1920s –style soda fountain shop is named after Moses Cleveland, Cleveland’s founding father.  It is located on the Detroit Shoreway, in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District.

The menu consists of house-made ice cream, milkshakes, sodas, malts, phosphates.  It also has chocolate specialty such as chocolate cups, chocolate bark, caramel corn drizzled with chocolate, and fudge.

I was having a tough decision on figuring out what I wanted.  Everything sounded and looked amazing.  I ended up ordering the Shoreway Sundae: Coffee Ice cream, topped with hot fudge, toffee bits, almonds, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

Shoreway Sundae

So like I said above… What would life be without a little something sweet everyday?? Or in this case, a major sweet indulgence every once in a great while?!!?  With warm weather right around the corner, this is the perfect spot for a warm Cleveland summer night.  And try and get a seat at the counter so that you can watch all the happenings at Sweet Moses!

Molly Jean