BRGR 9 (pronounced “Burger 9”) is located in the Warehouse District of downtown Cleveland on West 9th street.  BRGR 9 is locally owned and has created a new image for burger’s, taking them to the next level!  Burger toppings include short rib, porkbelly, fried chicken finger, jalapeno jelly, bratwurst and lobster, just to name a few!

I was very overwhelmed by how many different types of burgers there were, so I asked the bartender what her favorite was and she insisted that I get the Turkey Time!

“Turkey Time” Burger

I was very pleased with my decision!  The Turkey Time is a fresh house-made grilled turkey burger topped with baby arugula, tomato, feta, cucumber aioli, on a wheat brioche bun.  The burger was perfect, not too heavy at all.  The burgers to not come with fries but you can order a side of fries to share!  Jordan and I decided to order the sweet potato tater tots instead of the fries.  I am not a big tater tots fan, but there were AMAZING!!! I love sweet potato fries, and this just took sweet potatoes to the next level.  The tater tots are dusted lightly with cinnamon and served with a side of cajon mayo and roasted orange mayo!

Check out the rest of the menu HERE!

Molly Jean


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