Don’s Pomeroy House


This past Friday I had the day off from work and had scheduled a lunch date with my Grandpa!  We spoke Thursday night and I was absolutely thrilled when he told me he wanted to take me to Don’s Pomeroy House!!

My Grandpa and I have been talking about going there over the past year.  He has been many times, but I have not.  The original house still stands where the fine dining room is located.  There is also a newer dining room added on as well as a pub in the basement, and an elegant patio.  Many believe there restaurant is still haunted, and there have been ghost citing within the past couple of years!  Click HERE to read more about the history

Grandpa and I ate in the Pub located on the basement level.  The lighting is very dim and is a much more casual dining area of the restaurant where you are able to feel comfortable in a nice pair of jeans.  You are able to order off both The Pub menu and the dining menu.


My Grandpa insisted that I order a cup of Don’s Seafood Chowder.  It is a tomato based broth, unlike the traditional creamy white based clam chowder!  The soup was hearty and delicious, even perfect to eat on a hot summer day.

For my entrée I ordered the salmon salad special-  Grilled salmon on top of mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, onion, and goat cheese in a strawberry balsamic dressing.  The salad was very seasonable and refreshing.  The salmon was perfectly cooked to medium and the dressing was light, adding a touch of sweetness to the salad.

After we finished our meal my Grandpa took me on a tour of the restaurant.  The restaurant is beautiful and has such character.  We walked around on them main level where the dining room and fine dining area are located.  On the top level there are 2 rooms for private parties.  One room seats about 20 people and the other seats 2-6 people.  Outside in the back of the restaurant is where the secluded patio is, hidden by trees that provide much shade so that you don’t have to worry about the sun while enjoying a fabulous meal.


I am so happy to have finally shared my first dining experience at Don’s Pomeroy House with my Grandpa!

Me and Grandpa

Molly Jean


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