Tremont Tap House- Brunch


Jordan and I went to Tremont Tap House a couple months ago and had a fabulous dinner on the patio. Click HERE to read about it!

While we were at Tremont Tap House the first time we noticed a sign advertising Sunday Brunch!  We definitely made a plan to return and finally did a couple weeks ago!

It was already in the 90’s by the time we arrived around 11:30, so we decided to sit inside to keep cool.

The menu has a wide variety of choices; breakfat pizza, breakfast burrito, eggs benedict, greek yogurts and homemade granola, a variety of omeletes, waffles, and pancakes, etc…

I chose the House Granola and Blueberry pancakes (3 large pancakes).  It comes with a cup of fresh fruit on the side. (and of course washed it down with a mimosa!)

Granola and Fresh Blueberry Pancakes

I usually don’t order pancakes because I feel like I am always disappointed.  These pancakes were amazing and by far the best pancakes I have ever tried!!  The fresh blueberries were perfect and the granola added a little extra sweetness and a slight crunch to the pancake batter.

I might have to try a granola pancake recipe on my own sometime!

Click HERE to check out the menu!

Molly Jean

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