Aqua Al 2- Washington, DC


When I studied abroad in Florence, Italy May 2011, Aqua al 2 was one of the many amazing restaurant’s I dined at.  One of the girls in the group said that it was a restaurant you should not pass up while in Florence.

All I knew was that the restaurant is known for its blueberry steak (Filetto al Mirtillo) and steak with a balsamic reduction (Filetto all’Aceto Balsamico).

There were 9 of us total.  Eight of us ordered a steak (one was a vegetarian).  Four ordered the balsamic steak and the other four ordered the blueberry steak.  We all split our steaks in half so that we were all able to try both.  My favorite of the two was the Balsamic steak.

We later found out that there were two locations in the U.S.A.  One in San Diego and the other in Washington, DC.

 Blueberry steak- Florence, Italy

Blueberry Steak- Florence, Italy

Finally a little over a year later I finally returned to Aqua al 2, this time in Washington, DC.  I started off with a Chianti Classico (what I drank practically every night back in Florence).

The three of us ordered 2 different pastas to split- the first was fussilli pasta in a spicy tomato sauce (Fussilli Lunghi alla Faaccheraia) and the second was fussilli pasta with sautéed porcini mushrooms, garlic, parsley and parmigiano (Fussilli ai Funghi Porcini).

Fussilli Lunghi alla Faaccheraia

Fussilli ai Funghi Porcini

Jordan, Meredith, and I all ordered the balsamic steak.

Balsamic Steak

It was exactly how I remembered it!  The filet was cooked perfectly to medium temp, and the sweet balsamic reduction sauce- just a perfect pair!

I had an Aqua al 2 “Friends Card”  that I got when I dined at the restaurant in Florence, Italy.  The owners in Florence also own an American Diner.  When we dined at each we were given a percentage off of our meal.  I showed it to the manager at the Washington, DC location.  He said he had never seen the card before but honoring it!  He said he used to manager the one in Florence and he was the one that helped to open up the American Diner in Florence as well. My card allowed me to receive 8% off this time around!

Now I have to make over to San Diego…..

Molly Jean


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