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SlimKicker app Giveaway!!!


I’m excited to announce my very first giveaway on my blog courtesy of SlimKicker!!

SlimKicker is a calorie counter app + site that you are able to download on your smartphone or just use on your computer! SlimKicker app allows you to keep track or your food intake as well as exercise.  The best part about the app is that your fitness goals are turned into a game where you are able to rack up points and rewards.  You must upload a picture of the reward, such as a “cheat food” or something that you want to buy, such as an ipad, or a new pair of jeans!  SlimKicker will then remind you to reward yourself once you have racked up enough points.  This is a great app to look into!  It allows you to stay accountable and motivated to your fitness and diet goals making them easier to achieve!

Visit SlimKicker at

 The Giveaway:

SlimKicker app has asked me to give away this kitchen scale:

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 Click on the picture above or HERE for details!

Why is it a kitchen scale an excellent gadget to have in your kitchen?

A kitchen scale will allow you to not only weight ingredients for recipes, but it allows you to measure out correct portion sizes for your own good.  In other-words, a kitchen scale teaches you portion control, which is an essential component in weight loss.

Now, how do I get this kitchen scale, you ask???

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with a 1-2 sentenced creative fitness goal, diet goal or challenge you are trying to achieve!  SlimKicker will pick their favorite and I will let you know in a week who the winner is!  Best of luck to you all!!

Molly Jean


The Taste of Tremont 2012


This is a long over due post!! But I wanted to share my Taste of Tremont experience with all of you!

Tremont is one of the oldest areas of Cleveland.  During the 1850s, Cleveland University occupied the area before the neighborhood of Tremont came to be.  Now the area is filled with art galleries, shops, and restaurants.  It is also home to “The Christmas Story House” from the famous 1983 holiday film.  Another point of interest is Iron Chef winner, Michael Symon’s restaurant, Lolita.

Restaurant’s that I have tried in the Tremont area that are posted on my blog include: The South Side, Tremont Tap House (for dinner and brunch), and Grumpy’s Café.  Other restaurants I have tried previously, before starting my blog include: Fat Cat’s and Ty Fun Thai Bistro.  Check out the list of restaurants in the area at


Jordan and I arrived noon sharp, as soon as the Taste of Tremont began.  We took a walk all the way down Professor street before deciding which restaurant stands we wanted to try.

On our way down the street Jordan spotted a homemade blueberry lemonade from The Treehouse Café.  There was a lot of sugar, but it was quite tasty!

Our first food stop was the Farenheit food truck to get a smoked pulled pork taco.  I do not have a picture of this because I was very intrigued by the dark clouds in the sky.

Rain rain go away…

Jordan and ran to get under cover just before our food became soaked.  A lady at a consignment shop was very generous, allowing us to stand on her porch for about 15 minutes until the rain had stopped.

Once the rain had passed we ran over to something that caught our eye almost immediately as we stepped foot onto Professor St.- The grilled corn!

Grilled Corn!

This was another thing that caught our eye…. a 2 pound hot dog.  We did NOT order this but Jordan took a picture.  I thought foot long hot dogs were a little much… Not quite sure what to think of this….

Next we went over to Lolita to check out what Michael Symon had in store for The Taste of Tremont.  I must say- I was NOT impressed.  He only had food option of mac and cheese and the other option was a mint lemonade.  It was about 95 degrees out with almost 100% humidity- so mac and cheese was just not appealing at the time.  So I opted for the mint lemonade.  It was very refreshing!

Mint Lemonade- Lolita

Barrio’s stand was our next stop where I got the black bean taco with a mango slaw in an avocado cream sauce. YUM!!


And last but not least, dessert from A Cookie and a Cupcake!  Carrot Cake Cupcake and Double Chocolate Cupcake.

A Cookie and a Cupcake

We also picked up a few goodies to take home! Blaze salsa (the guy who owns the company went to OU, so Jordan and I got a discount!), Kettle corn, and fresh popping corn (named “magic mushroom.”- yes, strange name, I know. haha)

The Taste of Tremont was an awesome experience!  Already looking forward to next year! The date is already set for July 21, 2013!! Check it our HERE!

Also, I would like to announce my first giveaway on my blog tomorrow from SlimKicker app!!! Make sure you tune into tomorrow’s post so that you can participate!

Molly Jean

Caprese Style Grilled Chicken


This is an easy summer meal to make on the grill involving simple ingredients.  The amount of ingredients will depend on how many people you are cooking for.


  • Balsamic vinegar
  • 1-2 clove of garlic, minced
  • Chicken breasts- skinless/boneless
  • Tomatoes- sliced (can be roma, vine, beef steak…whichever you prefer!!)
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Fresh Mozzarella cheese, thick slices

***I used one slice of tomato, one slice of cheese, and 1-2 basil leaves for each chicken breast.


  1. Let chicken marinade in balsamic vinegar and garlic over night or at least one hour prior to start of cooking.
  2. Marinade Tomatoes in some balsamic.
  3. Heat up grilled to medium-high heat (if you grease you grill before cooking go ahead and do that as well!!).
  4. Place chicken on the grill, cook 5-7 minutes on each side (depending on thickness of chicken).
  5. Also, place tomato slices directly onto grill and grill on each side until grill marks show.
  6. Before chicken is almost completely cooked place tomato slice, basil, and then cheese on top and let cook 1-2 minutes with grill lid down until cheese it melted.
  7. Once cheese has melted the chicken is done! Serve and Enjoy!
  8. You can drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top, or if you have time, make a balsamic reduction to drizzle over the chicken  (~1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan, boil until reduced by half- Don’t let it burn!! It will become thick like syrup!).

Molly Jean

Burntwood Tavern


There are three locations for Burntwood Tavern– Chagrin Falls, Rocky River, and now Solon!  The first time I tried Burntwood Tavern was at the Chagrin Falls location.  My parent’s took the family when the restaurant first opened on a Friday night.  The placed was packed!! The wait was about 2 hours, but luckily we were able to sit in the front/bar area on some couches in front of the fire place, which was perfect for the snowy and cold winter night.  There was a coffee table, so the manager allowed us to stay put and order our entrees.

My first opinion of the restaurant was that it was just OK.  I was not impressed with the food and I felt as if the menu did not have many choices-  I had ordered the Salmon Spinach fettucini and it was very bland.  The salmon was poached and did not have any seasoning.  The tomato garlic cream sauce was also tasteless.  However, I was very impressed with the decor and the atmosphere.  It was definitely the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night!


This past winter the Rocky River location opened.  I met my friend Kara there.  This location was also just as packed as the Chagrin Falls location, but it is a bigger space!  I noticed that the menu had changed, and there were many more options to choose from.  Kara and I decided to split a few appetizers over some Great Lakes Christmas Ale!  I loved all that we tried- The Hummus Plate, Butternut Squash Ravioli, and the Artichoke Fondue.

A few weeks later my friend Erin had her Bridal Shower at the Rocky River location.  There is a room that you are able to reserve that can seat a large crowd of people!  It is secluded, away from the dining area.  I was very impressed with the menu.  There were three courses- We were able to choose from 2 different side salads, 3 different sandwiches w/ a side of fries, and dessert.  The shower was beautiful and the food was great!! If any of you in Cleveland are planning a wedding shower or any other private party, Burntwood Tavern is definitely something to consider! (I also noticed the Solon location has a room, too!)


Finally a Solon location opened up about a month ago!  At first I questioned why the restaurant would put a location so close to another (Chagrin Falls), but after going, I love that it is so close!  I went with my parent’s a week ago.  Despite how crowded it was, we were able to grab three seats at the bar immediately.  The bar wraps around to the outside patio.  We were sitting inside, but it felt as if we were outside with no wall in front of us!  The patio is covered and therefore you are still able to be seated outside when it is raining.  Below is the view to the patio from my seat (with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!).  There was also a live band playing out on the patio.

Burntwood Tavern- Bar/Patio

For dinner I ordered the house salad and the Margarita Flat Bread.  The Flat bread had a light and airy crust.  There was no sauce, the the tomatoes and basil provided enough flavor.  The pizza was not heavy at all.  I could have eaten the entire pizza, but I wanted to save room for dessert!

Margarita Flat Bread

Burntwood Tavern’s dessert menu consists of what they call “After Dinner Delights.”  These are small sample sizes, similar to the dessert “shooters” you would find at P.F. Changs or Applebees. I ordered the the Apple Crostada with Salted Caramel Ice Cream- YUM!!

“After Dinner Delight”- Apple Crostada w/ Salted Caramel Ice Cream

My opinion of the restaurant has definitely changed since the first time I went!  This is definitely a place to check out if you haven’t already!

CLICK HERE to view the menu!  Another favorite of mine is the Grilled Tavern Steak Salad.

Molly Jean

Don’s Pomeroy House


This past Friday I had the day off from work and had scheduled a lunch date with my Grandpa!  We spoke Thursday night and I was absolutely thrilled when he told me he wanted to take me to Don’s Pomeroy House!!

My Grandpa and I have been talking about going there over the past year.  He has been many times, but I have not.  The original house still stands where the fine dining room is located.  There is also a newer dining room added on as well as a pub in the basement, and an elegant patio.  Many believe there restaurant is still haunted, and there have been ghost citing within the past couple of years!  Click HERE to read more about the history

Grandpa and I ate in the Pub located on the basement level.  The lighting is very dim and is a much more casual dining area of the restaurant where you are able to feel comfortable in a nice pair of jeans.  You are able to order off both The Pub menu and the dining menu.


My Grandpa insisted that I order a cup of Don’s Seafood Chowder.  It is a tomato based broth, unlike the traditional creamy white based clam chowder!  The soup was hearty and delicious, even perfect to eat on a hot summer day.

For my entrée I ordered the salmon salad special-  Grilled salmon on top of mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, almonds, onion, and goat cheese in a strawberry balsamic dressing.  The salad was very seasonable and refreshing.  The salmon was perfectly cooked to medium and the dressing was light, adding a touch of sweetness to the salad.

After we finished our meal my Grandpa took me on a tour of the restaurant.  The restaurant is beautiful and has such character.  We walked around on them main level where the dining room and fine dining area are located.  On the top level there are 2 rooms for private parties.  One room seats about 20 people and the other seats 2-6 people.  Outside in the back of the restaurant is where the secluded patio is, hidden by trees that provide much shade so that you don’t have to worry about the sun while enjoying a fabulous meal.


I am so happy to have finally shared my first dining experience at Don’s Pomeroy House with my Grandpa!

Me and Grandpa

Molly Jean

Patriotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Going to a BBQ or 4th of July Party?  Try this quick an easy recipe!  You can also use ot for memorial day, too!

I used this recipe for my friend’s Erin and Jon’s fabulous 4th of July BBQ!  They were very refreshing in the sticky 90 degree humidity!

What you’ll need:

  • Strawberries
  • White chocolate
  • Blue sprinkles (place in a small bowl)



  1. Line a cookie sheet (or any flat dish) with parchment paper
  2. Melt white chocolate over a double boiler
  3. Once chocolate is melted, take bowl away from heat
  4. Dip strawberries one at a time- once in the white chocolate until ¾’s of the way covered and then dip the tip of the strawberry into the blue sprinkles.
  5. Set strawberry on top of parchment paper
  6. Put strawberries into the refridgerator until ready to serve
  7. Enjoy!

Molly Jean

Founding Farmers- Washington, DC


We could not leave Washington DC without indulging in a Sunday Brunch.  Meredith (Jordan’s sister) suggested Founding Farmers, located only three blocks west from The White House on Pennsylvania Ave.   Founding Farmers is known for sustainability and be apart of the “farm-to-table” movement, providing farm-inspired food and drink, sourcing fresh products from family farms across the United States.

There was about a 45 minute wait when we arrived.  We put our name on the waiting list, but we were able to grab three seats at the bar 15 minute into our wait!!

I ordered “Drag Through the Garden” which consisted of an egg white scramble with seasonal vegetables, spinach, and white cheddar cheese with a side of fruit and wheat toast.  I also had a fantastic peach bellini and I split a side of maple and pepper crusted bacon with Jordan.

The bartender was unable to tell me what vegetables were in my eggs but there seem to be some roasted carrots and summer squash and broccoli. It was very good!  The maple pepper crusted bacon was also a hit.

I would like to point out that it was quite an expensive brunch.  In Cleveland, mimosas and bellinis usually run between $5 and $6. Founding Farmers sells their mimosas and bellini’s are $12.  Entree’s also ran a little more expensive.  But I guess I should just keep in mind that I am in the countries capital!!  And that the meal was definitely worth the amount spent!

Meredith, Jordan, and I at Founding Farmers

If you are ever in Washington, DC- this is definitely a great place to check out!  The lunch and dinner menu also looked terrific!

Click HERE for the menu!

Molly Jean