Sirloin Steak Kabobs


There are so many different ways to make kabobs.  Kabobs usually have 2 main components:

  1. protein: Chicken, Fish (i.e. shrimp or sword fish), steak, or tofu
  2. Vegetables: Bell peppers, onion, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, etc…
  3. You can add a third component: pineapple! Or any other ingredient you desire.

A few weeks ago I made sirloin steak kabobs.   I highly recommend marinating your “protein” of choice before building your kabobs.  My favorite marinade is Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix.

Good seasons is my favorite on just about any type of meat, fish, or chicken, especially when it involves grilling!

These are my sirloin steak kabobs with pineapple, green pepper, red pepper, orange pepper, onion, and cherry tomatoes (pre-grilled.  I did not get a picture after they were cooked!).:

I served this with a side of brown rice and watermelon!

I used stainless steel skewers.  If you are using wooden, remember to soak the wooden skewers in water for about 15 minutes before building your kabobs to prevent splinters and decrease burning.

Molly Jean


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