Rosewood Grill


Saturday Jordan and I headed over to Hudson to Rosewood Grill.   We had noted on their website that the restaurant does not take reservations, so we weren’t quite sure how long of a wait there would be.

When we walked in, the hostess had asked if we had called for a reservation… so Jordan and I were somewhat confused by this.  We arrived around 7:00 and the hostess had told us we would not be seated until 8:15!   The hostess mentioned that the bar area is first come first serve seating if we wanted to eat in there.  Luckily there were 2 open seats at the bar!

There are some places where I would prefer to eat in the dining room area and others at the bar.  Rosewood Grill has a spectacular bar, so I was very content with where we were seated for dinner.  My favorite part of the bar is that it had a large opening where you are able to see into the kitchen.  You can’t really see an prep work done by the cooks, but you are able to see the workers moving around as well as the stone oven where the flat breads are made!


We each had a salad to start.  I had the Rosewood salad (mixed greens with a white balsamic vinaigrette) and Jordan had a Caesar salad.  The salads were an additional $4 cost with the order of an entrée, which is $2 cheaper if you were to order a salad alone.

For dinner I had the Idaho Brook Trout , pan seared, julienne vegetable Saute, in a Chardonnay butter sauce.


Jordan had the Rosewood sirloin strip, with grilled asparagus, aged cheddar mashers, cabernet reduction.


I really liked my dish.  The trout was HUGE! – But I somehow managed to finish it!  The flavor was light and subtle.  The only downside was that it came with no starch— The size of the trout made up for that, I guess, but I still stole a couple bites of Jordan’s mashed potatoes!

Jordan didn’t really like the steak too much.  He said all he felt like he could taste was the grill and not the steak itself.  But looking at the ingredients on the menu, it also looked like there was also no cabernet reduction sauce like the description says.

I definitely like the atmosphere of the restaurant.  There is a nice patio that was crowded, despite the fact that it looked like it was going to down pour!   My favorite part was the set up of the bar.  I also saw my cousin Katie!

So if your in the Hudson area you should definitely stop by Rosewood Grill!  It is only a few blocks from Hudson’s First and Main, off of Rt 303!

Molly Jean

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