Happy Birthday Pat!


Today my brother Patrick turns 21- which means that since he is an Ohio University Bobcat (my alma mater!) his birthday was celebrated last night a midnight, filled with many shots (hopefully not too many!!).

In about a week he is headed for Kiawah Island for an internship with the PGA for the 2012 PGA Championships, taking place on Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course.   Patrick is a Sports Management major at OU.  Aside from all of the partying that comes with the life of an OU student, Patrick is an extremely intelligent, hardworking, and determined.  It’s no wonder he snatched an internship with the PGA at one of the most important golf tournaments known to man.

This specific PGA internship is also very meaningful to us as a family.  We vacation to Kiawah Island, SC often.  Our last trip was August 2010 before Kevin left for Azerbaijan.

Needless to say this is the first summer that Pat won’t be at home!  No more fighting with someone to help clean up! Haha.

Here are some pictures and memories leading Pat up to his 21st birthday and first beer! (yea right!)


Remember your first bar experience at OU before you were ever a student?

Pat and Jordan

I think you were passed out 20 minutes after this after trying to challenge Jordan to beer pong! Haha

Remember when you me and Kev went to dinner when were in Boston and Kevin and I were both 21 and older and had a beer…

But you couldn’t.  You had a sprite!

Now you can have a beer- Thumbs up!

Remember your fist kiss???

Haha had to put this one in there!!

Can’t wait to come down to OU in the fall for the Last homecoming with a member of the family as a student!

OU Visit- Fall 2009

Ohio University Homecoming 2011

Before you know it you will be picking up the $400 tab.

$$$$ dinner in Boston’s North End

Love you pat! Hope your 21st birthday is all you hoped it to be and more!


Trying out a new barbacoa taco recipe for when Pat comes home after finals! Look for the recipe later this week!

Molly Jean

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