Danny Boys- Rocky River


Saturday night was date night with my guy.  We decided to try another restaurant to check off my list!  We went to Danny Boys in Rocky River.  I have heard from multiple people that it is some of the best pizza here in Cleveland.

Danny Boys does not take reservations.  There was about a 30-minute wait when we walked in around 7:30.  There were about 5 high top tables with checkers boards located in the waiting section of the restaurant.  Luckily there was a table open for Jordan and I to play at.  This made the waiting time go by very quickly!  We had just started a second game when we were called to be seated.  I think total wait time ended up being 20 minutes.

We each ordered a Moretti, a side salad, and split a large Clevelander pie.  When we were waiting for our food we noticed that there is a deck of cards placed at each table!  So we played a game of war- I won!  Our salads came out quickly.  The salad came with two large fresh, light, and doughy garlic rolls that were to die for.  I could have had the salad and rolls for my meal!  But I saved room for the pizza and let Jordan keep the extra roll for leftovers for the week.

Finally the pizza came!! The Clevelander pie has a “New York-style” crust and is topped “Chicago” style with toppings of cheese, pepperoni, garlic, basil, and topped with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese.

I loved this pizza.  Sauce is my favorite part of pizza and on this pizza it the main focus.  Absolutely perfect!

After dinner we were able to catch a beautiful sunset along lake Erie before meeting up for drinks with our friends Jon and Erin.

The rest of the night was filled with relaxing and catching up with Jon and Erin on Tommy’s back porch- which had excellent heat lamps!! There was also a live band performing.  It was a perfect spot to catch up with friends over a couple drinks.

Molly Jean


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