Happy Birthday Kevin!


Today is my brother Kevin’s 24th birthday.  He left the United States September 22, 2010 to head to Azerbaijan to serve as a member of the Peace Corp.  He resides in Oguz, Azerbaijan where he teaches English and coaches baseball.

Kevin's First Place on his own in Oguz, Azerbaijan

Kevin Coaching Baseball

He has kept a blog throughout his experience on the other side of the world.  You can read by clicking this link: http://americanstrangerpc.blogspot.com/.  He is a phenomenal writer!


Here are some pictures of the family over the past few years and up until Kevin left to begin his courageous journey.

Family Photo- Ireland, August 2008

Family Photo- Paris, France, August 2008

Sibling Pic- Kevin's Graduation, Boston, MA- May 2010. It was a little windy!

That's a little Better- Kiawah Island, SC, August 2010

My parent's and Kevin after his going away dinner- Cleveland's Little Italy

Kev and me the night before he left for Azerbaijan

So in honor of Kevin’s bday I made pasta.  His favorite type of food is Italian.  His favorite spot at home is in Cleveland’s Little Italy.  He fell in love with Boston’s North End (little Italy) while he was at school at Boston University.  Besides having a REAL McDonald’s Big Mac, Fries, and Shake when he arrives back home, I’m sure a good Italian meal will one of his first few meals back in the states.

Pasta in honor of Kev

I love you Kev.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Molly Jean

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  1. Molly, I’ve been following your blog for a short time and this entry really pulled at my heart strings! I can tell that you and your brother have a special relationship as do I with my brother, and his name is Kevin too! It’s hard being apart. Anyway I enjoyed reading this and your pasta looks yummy!

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