Luna Bakery Café


Yesterday I had lunch with my good friend Jessi.  We decided to try a place neither of us had been to, Luna Bakery Café (another place to cross off my list!).  When you first walk in you are greeted by gorgeous and delicious looking pastries, cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.  Besides drooling over the decadent desserts when are waiting in line to order, you are also able to see crepes being made as well as the preparation of salads and sandwiches.

Everything on the menu sounded amazing.  When it came time to order I chose the Roasted Portabella Mushroom Wheat Crepe… and 3 French macarons!

When you order you are given a number placed on a small stand that you place on a table.  The food is delivered right to your table!  The place has two main rooms to eat in, as well as a patio outside (which was closed due to Cleveland’s annual April snow showers).  It was a bit difficult to find a table to sit at.  Eventually a few spots opened up at the counter along the wall, which was a fine place to sit for just 2 people.

The crepe was perfect for the cold and rainy/snowy day.  The crepe was filled with warmed roasted mushrooms, artichokes, zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, and tangy goat cheese.  The crepe also came with a side of fresh pico de gallo.

I saved the French macarons for a treat later to share with my parents.  They were light, airy, sweet, and delicious, bringing me back to our family vacation in France.

Click HERE to check out all of the other great dishes Luna Bakery Café has to offer!

Molly Jean


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